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Caesar cipher
Calculating the value of e
Calendar - for REAL programmers
Calkin-Wilf sequence
Call a function
Call an object method
Cantor set
Carmichael 3 strong pseudoprimes
Cartesian product of two or more lists
Case-sensitivity of identifiers
Casting out nines
Catalan numbers
Change e letters to i in words
Changeable words
Chaos game
Character codes
Chebyshev coefficients
Check Machin-like formulas
Check that file exists
Chernick's Carmichael numbers
Cheryl's birthday
Chinese remainder theorem
Chinese zodiac
Cholesky decomposition
Cipolla's algorithm
Circles of given radius through two points
Circular primes
Closest-pair problem
Color quantization
Color wheel
Colour bars
Colour pinstripe
Combinations and permutations
Combinations with repetitions
Comma quibbling
Command-line arguments
Compare a list of strings
Compile-time calculation
Compound data type
Concatenate two primes is also prime
Concurrent computing
Conjugate transpose
Consecutive primes with ascending or descending differences
Constrained genericity
Constrained random points on a circle
Continued fraction
Convert decimal number to rational
Convert seconds to compound duration
Convex hull
Conway's Game of Life
Coprime triplets
Copy a string
Count in factors
Count in octal
Count occurrences of a substring
Count the coins
Cousin primes
Cramer's rule
Create a file
Create a two-dimensional array at runtime
Create an HTML table
CSV data manipulation
CSV to HTML translation
Cuban primes
Cubic Special Primes
Cumulative standard deviation
Cycle detection
Cyclops numbers
Cyclotomic polynomial
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