Variable references
Like in other programming languages, we have the capability of taking references to variables, by using the prefix backslash (\) operator for referencing and the prefix asterix (*) operator for dereferencing:
var name = "sidef"
var ref = \name
var original = *ref
Variable references are useful when passing them to functions (or methods) for assigning values.
func assign2ref (ref, value) {
*ref = value
var x = 10
assign2ref(\x, 20)
say x # prints: 20
There is also the possibility of taking references to the lvalues of an array or hash:
var a = [41, 42, 43]
var r = \a[1] # reference of the second element
*r = 99 # changes the value inside the array
say a # prints: [41, 99, 43]
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