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Padovan n-step number sequences
Palindrome dates
Palindrome detection
Palindrome pairs
Palindromic gapful numbers
Palindromic primes
Palindromic primes in base 16
Pangram checker
Parallel brute force
Parallel calculations
Partial function application
Partition an integer x into n primes
Partition function P
Pascal's triangle
Pascal matrix generation
Pathological floating point problems
Peano curve
Pell's equation
Penrose tiling
Percentage difference between images
Perfect numbers
Perfect shuffle
Perfect totient numbers
Perlin noise
Permutation test
Permutations by swapping
Permutations with repetitions
Permutations with some identical elements
Pernicious numbers
Phrase reversals
Pick random element
Pierpont primes
Pig the dice game
Pisano period
Plasma effect
Playfair cipher
Playing cards
Plot coordinate pairs
Pointers and references
Polymorphic copy
Polynomial long division
Polynomial regression
Polynomial synthetic division
Population count
Positive decimal integers with the digit 1 occurring exactly twice
Power set
Powerful numbers
Practical numbers
Price fraction
Primality by trial division
Primality by Wilson's theorem
Prime conspiracy
Prime decomposition
Prime numbers p which sum of prime numbers less or equal to p is prime
Prime numbers which contain 123
Primes - allocate descendants to their ancestors
Primes which contain only one odd digit
Primes whose first and last number is 3
Primes whose sum of digits is 25
Primes with digits in nondecreasing order
Primorial numbers
Priority queue
Probabilistic choice
Problem of Apollonius
Program name
Program termination
Proper divisors
Pseudo-random numbers
Pseudorandom number generator image
Pythagoras tree
Pythagorean quadruples
Pythagorean triples
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