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Safe primes and unsafe primes
Sailors coconuts and a monkey problem
Same fringe
Sattolo cycle
Search a list
Search a list of records
Secure temporary file
Self-describing numbers
Self numbers
Send an unknown method call
Separate the house number from the street name
Sequence nth number with exactly n divisors
Sequence of non-squares
Sequence of primes by trial division
Sequence of primorial primes
Sequence smallest number greater than previous term with exactly n divisors
Sequence smallest number with exactly n divisors
Set consolidation
Seven-sided dice from five-sided dice
Sexy primes
Shell one-liner
Shoelace formula for polygonal area
Short-circuit evaluation
Shortest common supersequence
Show the decimal value of a number of 1s appended with a 3 then squared
Show the epoch
Sierpinski arrowhead curve
Sierpinski carpet
Sierpinski curve
Sierpinski pentagon
Sierpinski square curve
Sierpinski triangle
Sieve of Eratosthenes
Simple windowed application
Simulated annealing
Singly-linked list
Smallest numbers
Smallest square that begins with n
Smarandache prime-digital sequence
Smith numbers
Solve triangle solitare puzzle
Sort a list of object identifiers
Sort an array of composite structures
Sort an integer array
Sort disjoint sublist
Sort numbers lexicographically
Sort stability
Sort three variables
Sort using a custom comparator
Sorting algorithms
Sparkline in unicode
Special Divisors
Special factorials
Special neighbor primes
Speech synthesis
Spelling of ordinal numbers
Spiral matrix
Split a character string based on change of character
SQL-based authentication
Square-free integers
Square but not cube
Stable marriage problem
Stair-climbing puzzle
Standard deviation
Stem-and-leaf plot
Stern-Brocot sequence
Stirling numbers of the first kind
Stirling numbers of the second kind
Strange numbers
Strange plus numbers
Stream merge
String append
String case
String comparison
String concatenation
String interpolation included
String length
String matching
String prepend
Strip a set of characters from a string
Strip block comments
Strip comments from a string
Strip control codes and extended characters from a string
Strip whitespace from a string
Strong and weak primes
Subset sum problem
Substitution cipher
Substring primes
Subtractive generator
Successive prime differences
Suffix tree
Sum and product of an array
Sum and product puzzle
Sum digits of an integer
Sum multiples of 3 and 5
Sum of a series
Sum of divisors
Sum of first n cubes
Sum of squares
Sum of the digits of n is substring of n
Sum to 100
Summarize primes
Sunflower fractal
Super-d numbers
Superpermutation minimisation
Sutherland-Hodgman polygon clipping
Sylvester's sequence
Symmetric difference
System time
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